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Yan Yin District Party Secretary Qi Yinliang visited our company

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On the afternoon of October 24th, Yan Yinliang, member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Yinzhou District Party Committee,



On the afternoon of October 24th, Yan Yinliang, member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Yinzhou District Party Committee, led the team to the grassroots level and went deep into the company to conduct research and research on the company's production and operation, technology research and development. The chairman of the group, such as Yan Yunde and other company leaders, received the Yin Yinliang and his party at the Yunsheng Second Park Exhibition Center.


“What is the characteristics of this NdFeB magnetic material? How is the current market share of the product?” During the visit to the company showroom, Yan Yinliang walked and watched while listening. Chairman Yu Yunde made a report to the company on the industrial distribution and technology research and development of the company.


Yu Yunde said that Yunsheng has started to build on the eight-tone piano, and now it has diversified development. It has become an enterprise group with more than 10 manufacturing companies and R&D institutions integrating production, R&D and sales. Over the years, the company has focused on industry, and has been steadily striving in the rare earth permanent magnet materials industry. At the same time, it has continued to advance on the road of transformation and upgrading. At present, it is also developing rapidly in the fields of intelligent manufacturing equipment, health products industry, servo motors and drives.


Yan Yinliang listened carefully to the introduction. When he learned that Yunsheng’s rare earth permanent magnet materials were among the best in the global market, he praised the company’s unwavering commitment to the manufacturing industry and spared no effort to invest in technological innovation, and specially took photos of the products with mobile phones. recording. He encouraged Yunsheng to continue to adhere to its main business and strengthen its industry, continue to intensify research and development and innovation, and strive to become an industry benchmark by innovating value and innovation.


In the following discussion, Yan Yinliang and his party conducted in-depth and in-depth exchanges with the company's leaders. For some of the practical problems faced by the company, Qi Yinliang's on-site office is coordinated, requiring relevant departments to fully support and work together to solve them. Yan Yinliang said that service enterprises are service development. All levels and departments should take the "three-in" activities as the starting point, and take "six-send", especially to send confidence, send policies, and deliver services, and truly enter enterprises and service enterprises. Actively respond to the actual demands of enterprises, effectively solve the difficulties of enterprise development, and consolidate the difficulties of government and enterprises.


Xu Weicheng and Dai Huaxiang, leaders of Yinzhou District, accompanied the participation in the survey.

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