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Governor Yuan Jiajun went to our company for research

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创新是引领发展的第一动力,企业是自主创新的主体。11月29日,浙江省委副书记、省长袁家军在宁波调研国家自主创新示范区建设工作,期间到韵升进行自主创新方面的专题调研和考察。宁波市长裘东耀、鄞州区委书记褚银良等市区相关领导陪同参加调研。集团公司董事长竺韵德在公司展厅接待了袁家军一行。  制造业是实体经济的主体,其核心是创新。要掌握关键核心技术,必须靠自力更生奋斗,靠自主创新争取。从20多年前开始八音琴



Innovation is the first driving force for development, and enterprises are the mainstay of independent innovation. On November 29th, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Yuan Jiajun investigated the construction of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Ningbo. During the period, he went to Yunsheng to conduct special research and investigation on independent innovation. The mayor of Ningbo, Dong Yaoyao, and the secretary of the Yinzhou District Party Committee, Yin Yinliang, accompanied the relevant leaders of the city to participate in the survey. Chairman of the group company, Yun Yunde, received Yuan Jiajun and his party in the company exhibition hall.


Manufacturing is the main body of the real economy, and its core is innovation. To master key core technologies, we must rely on self-reliance and strive for self-innovation. Since the development and manufacture of the eight-tone piano more than 20 years ago, it has been based on new materials, new energy and intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. For a long time, Yunsheng has always been based on the unwavering industry and taking the road of independent innovation and development.


In the company exhibition hall, Yan Yunde introduced to Yuan Jiajun and his party a detailed introduction of NdFeB magnetic materials, automotive motors, servo motors and drives, electronic components and other related products, and introduced the company's layout in new industries such as health care. Yuan Jiajun also looked at the exhibits and exchanged views on product development, talent reserve, market position and other aspects.


Yuan Jiajun hopes that in the current external situation and the complicated and volatile market environment, enterprises must not be afraid of hard work and hard work, and must conscientiously do a good job in technological innovation, promote transformation, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and seize the commanding heights of high-quality development.


On November 30th, the provincial party committee and the provincial government held the Ningbo Wenzhou National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Construction Promotion Conference, which further strengthened the confidence of enterprises in the road of innovation and development. Yunsheng will pay more attention to strengthening its own innovation capacity building, willing to work harder and increase investment, pay attention to innovation mechanism and stimulate innovation vitality, so as to better transform innovative technology and achievements into core competitiveness.

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