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Acoustic Magnetic Steel Division New Year's Paintings

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1月11日,股份公司声学磁钢事业部迎来了2018年度6S推进工作的“期末”考评。适逢辞旧迎新之际,故在本次考评中,在保持、改进6S常规项目的基础上,增加了一个特别的项目——制作新年画报。  事业部以科室、工段为单位,设置多个小组。各个小组的成员团结协作、分工明确,在画报制作过程与内容中,充分展现了各自科室、工段的特色。一张张或制作精美、或富有妙趣的画报,不光有心更“有型”,张贴在文化墙上,成为了事



On January 11th, the Acoustic Magnetic Steel Division of the Joint Stock Company ushered in the “end-of-term” assessment of the 6S 6S promotion work in 2018. On the occasion of resigning the old and welcoming the new, in this evaluation, on the basis of maintaining and improving the 6S regular project, a special project was added - making the New Year pictorial.


The business department sets up multiple teams in units of departments and sections. The members of each group are united and coordinated, and the division of labor is clear. In the process and content of the pictorial production, the characteristics of their respective departments and sections are fully demonstrated. A piece of art or a beautifully crafted or interesting pictorial, not only has a more "type", but also posted on the cultural wall, becoming a beautiful landscape of the business department.


A small piece of New Year's Pictorial not only shows the vigor and grace of the staff of the Department as a rhyme, but also expresses the best wishes and confidence for the company's performance in the coming year.


In 2018, the Acoustic Magnetic Steel Division actively promoted 6S (finishing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety) projects, which greatly improved the working environment and work efficiency. In 2019, the business department will continue to work hard to enrich the various forms of the 6S competition and strive to achieve better results and achieve greater results.

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