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The Group held the 2018 annual working meeting

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The Group held the 2018 annual working meeting



"In this extraordinary period of 'economic winter', we will stand at a new starting point and usher in new challenges..." On the afternoon of January 18th, the atmosphere of the report hall of the Second Garden Exhibition Center was warm and enthusiastic, and the group worked in 2018. The meeting opened here. More than 100 people including the relevant leaders of the group, the group headquarters and the staff of the department headquarters and above, and the management team members of each subordinate unit (business unit) attended the meeting.


The meeting lasted for one and a half days. During the period, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Xiaodong Xiao, made a report on the annual work of the Group in 2018. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Yan Yunde, made an important speech entitled “The Study of <The Analects of Confucius>”. The participants gave a warm speech on the annual work report and the important speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. And full discussion.


Comprehensive summary of the achievements and shortcomings of 2018


In 2018, the turmoil in the domestic and international economic situation intensified, overcapacity in various industries, and Sino-US trade frictions continued. In the complicated and severe economic environment, the Group's operating income has increased year-on-year through the joint efforts of all Yunsheng people.


In the annual work report, Yan Xiaodong cut through the seven aspects of business performance, management model innovation, mechanism innovation, human resources work, science and technology work, infrastructure work and corporate culture activities, and achieved various achievements in the group headquarters and subordinate units. , carried out a comprehensive summary.


Yan Xiaodong said that in the past year, in the face of many unfavorable objective factors, all cadres and staff members have conscientiously implemented and implemented the spirit of the important meeting of the group, continued to promote management model innovation and mechanism innovation, improve management efficiency, and adhere to technological innovation to promote industry and further Strengthening the team and corporate culture construction, and finally achieving steady and sustained development of the company.


At the same time as the results, Xiaodong Xiao pointed out the problems and deficiencies in various work. He said that the company still lacks effective driving in terms of performance growth. The reform of the system and mechanism is still not deep enough. The bottleneck of human resources still exists. The intensity of technological innovation needs to be improved. The logistics management of infrastructure needs to be standardized. The corporate culture is still a long way to go. In this regard, everyone must have a rational and clear understanding, analyze the problems found in a realistic way, and improve on a day-to-day basis.


Through a deep analysis of the existing problems, combined with the overall requirements put forward by the group's board of directors, Xiao Xiaodong made arrangements for the key tasks of 2019. As far as the specific work is concerned, Miao Xiaodong proposed that all units should earnestly do four "persistences", namely: adhere to the fine tradition of technological innovation, adhere to the innovation of systems and mechanisms, adhere to the people-oriented, and adhere to the strategy of cultural leadership.

Raise the five-year sales revenue to break the goal of 10 billion


On the morning of the 19th, Yan Yunde made an important speech at the annual work conference.


He fully affirmed the achievements of the group in 2018 and thanked all the staff on behalf of the board of directors of the group. In response to the related problems in the development of the company, Yan Yunde put forward five hopes for work. Among them, on the basis of insisting on talents first, persisting in technological innovation, persisting in deepening reform, and persisting in cultural construction, he further proposed that we should adhere to the goal orientation.


Qu Yunde said that the changes in the international and domestic economic situation in the next few years will be more dangerous than the machine. Only by establishing lofty ideals and building ambitious goals can we prepare for the discovery and seizure of opportunities in the crisis. He proposed that the majority of cadres and employees must have the confidence and ability to achieve the goal of the group's sales revenue exceeding 10 billion within five years. It is necessary to take this as a guide, do a good job in the group's strategic planning and the annual business plan of each subordinate unit, so that it will become the driving force of the company's cadres and employees, and implement it into practical actions.


In combination with insisting on cultural construction, Qu Yunde summed up the "Three Theories of The Analects" made in the past year. He said that from the "learning for oneself" and "the foundation of the enterprise" to "serving the society", the purpose is to help people find ways to understand and solve problems from the "problems". In the face of problems, we must jump out of the original thinking framework and put small problems into big problems to think about. This can help solve existing problems and help capture opportunities for innovation and development.


Qu Yunde hopes that the majority of cadres and employees will study the Analects of Confucius. In addition to understanding "learning", they must learn to "question." Instead of treating the problem as a problem, it is an opportunity. "Only with such awareness, we will make 2019 full of hope."


During the meeting, the participants carefully studied the annual work report and the important speech of the chairman of the board of directors, and conducted group discussions. They said that they will study in depth and deeply understand the spirit of the meeting and implement it. In the new year, we must focus on the market and close to the customer, and focus on technological innovation, system innovation, team building, and cultural construction, seek truth from facts, create ingenuity, and strive to create a new stage of development.

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