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Radial thin-walled deep hole products for permanent magnet hollow cup motors such as office automation (OA) equipment and aircraft model drives
Thin wall deep hole high heat resistance, high anticorrosive products for automotive steering wheel permanent magnet motor (EPS)
High consistency wafers for audio equipment such as tablets and home theaters
Flat thin wall high corrosion resistant product for permanent magnet voice coil motors for digital information equipment.
Ring-shaped, to meet the strict requirements of high and low temperature decay, car high quality audio permanent magnet.
The thin-walled small hole products are used for focusing permanent magnet micromotors such as cameras and cameras.
Large square magnet for magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic chucks, etc.
All kinds of tile shape, used in energy-saving compressors, elevator traction machines, textile turbines, servo motors, machine tool transmissions, electric locomotive thrusters and other permanent magnet motors, with excellent high temperature demagnetiza
Generous sheet magnet, low weight loss, high heat resistance, used for automatic adjustment of permanent magnet motor for high-class passenger car suspension.
Magnetic material precision punching machine
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