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Human Resources

Job Title: Mechanical Design, Software Engineering


Number of people required: 5 people


Job Description: Bachelor degree or above in mechanical design, software engineering, etc., proficient in 3d max and other design software, sincere and responsible. Training direction: 3D MAX software developer




Job Title: Software Development


Number of people required: 5 people


Job Description: Familiar with motor and motor control theory, skilled in the use of RAM, DSP, MCU and other development tools. Learn about servo (BLDC, PMSM) motor drive software development. Familiar with product development of one of the embedded real-time operating systems such as μcOS/Qnx/Rtx/Intime/Linux/WinCE. Familiar with C (C + +) language and a certain development platform, with MCU or DSP embedded system programming experience, to understand the digital, analog knowledge and power drive circuit. English level 4 or above. Training direction: servo drive software developer




Job Title: Electronic


Number of people required: 2 people


Job Description: Have certain experience in servo motor driver development, familiar with DSP control, understand MCU chip programming method, master FPGA/CPLD design method, familiar with hardware description language such as VHDL, engage in software development work in embedded environment, understand Touch screen, PLC, sensor application and other related knowledge, and developed software for motion control in C language. Training direction: Electronic Engineer




Job Title: Quality Management


Number of people required: 10 people


Job Description: Have knowledge of quality management theory, familiar with quality management techniques, have certain statistical analysis skills, work proactively, and have team spirit. Training direction: quality engineer